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Personal Training

For The athlete

We take great pride in not just enhancing an athlete’s performance, but also in improving overall health and wellness. Every athlete will complete a functional movement assessment along with other sport-specific testing and undergo performance checks every eight weeks to track progress. As an athlete here at War Room Athletics, you will be held to the highest standard of your sport.

high risk

War Room Athletics is completely different from the average facility. We focus on body mechanics and kinesiology to take someone who is struggling mechanically to a place beyond just functional. After training with us your biomechanics will improve, helping to prevent further injury.

Over 50

An aging body needs change to prolong overall health. With the average human living longer due to advances in modern medicine, it is important to have ideal body mechanics during these additional years. We will not only change how you move, but also why you move the way you do. We will improve your range of motion to help your body move safely through daily life and any specific activities that you wish to enjoy.

Weight loss

Weight loss is one of the toughest topic to not only confront, but also to train to combat. Here at War Room Athletics, we will soon have several NASM certified nutrition coaches who can give you the tools and training you need to make the meaningful dietary changes necessary to lose weight. We will work with you to help you meet your goals.


Our initial assessment includes a head to toe body evaluation and detailed discussion of your lifestyle, health history, and fitness goals. With this information, we then customize a one-to-one personal training fitness plan specifically tailored to you.

Training For All Fitness Levels

Our goals here at WAR ROOM ATHLETICS are to teach the science of exercise and to inspire the community to live a healthier way of life.


TRX which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, is revolutionary workout method that uses your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability.

Free Weights

Free weights include dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls, sandbells, and kettlebells. Unlike weight machines, they do not constrain users to specific, fixed movements, and therefore require more effort from the individual’s stabilizer muscles.

Resistance Band Training

Free weights will feel heaviest at the beginning of that arc, while resistance bands make your muscles work harder at the end of the arc (when the band is most taut). Either way, your body is moving against resistance, and that will give your muscles an effective workout.

Sled Training

Sled pushing and pulling develops some solid strength in the glutes, calves, hamstrings, quads, and core. The sled push also works well as a relatively low-impact cardio exercise, which is especially useful for runners.

Stabilization Training

Stabilization training is an active form of physical therapy designed to strengthen muscles to support the spine and help prevent lower back pain. Through a regimen of exercises prescribed by a physical therapist, the patient is trained to find and maintain his/her “neutral spine” position.

Cardio & Endurance

Activities like walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, aerobics, rowing, stair climbing, hiking, cross country skiing and many types of dancing are “pure” aerobic activities. Sports such as soccer, basketball, squash and tennis may also improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Increase Range of Motion

Many short- and long-term benefits occur as a result of regular flexibility training. Initially, stretching maintains and increases range of motion and increases blood supply to the soft muscle tissue. The changes can enhance sports performance and help prevent injury.

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