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Our goals here at WAR ROOM ATHLETICS are to teach the science of exercise and to inspire the community to live a healthier way of life.

What our clients have to say

Where would I be had I not started going to the war room? Its hard to say, though I can tell you it wouldn’t be as far as I am today. Before going to the War Room for personal training, I was in constant pain in my lower back and surgeons had advised me to seek surgery to correct the problem. Instead of spending $50-$60k on surgery, I weighed the benefit of fixing my back problem on my own, rather than have a mediocre surgeon attempt to fix it. Boy am I glad I chose this approach. At the beginning of my War Room journey, the assessment at the time was challenging for me and as time had passed I look back at the progress I have made and am ashamed of where I was regarding my strength. It was my own fault and I didn’t pay attention to the fact that I was weaker than I should be due to my unwillingness to just try. My line of work at the time required me to use my body and its abilities to make money. I owned a landscaping company, and as you can imagine, it takes a toll on ones physical self.

I’m two years in to my routine with the War Room. I’m stronger, I feel better, and I look better too. No dad bod here anymore. I’m the type of person who needs an appointment for my training sessions because if I were to do it on my own, it would never happen. After these two years, I have grown accustomed to working certain muscle groups even when I’m not being trained on the twice a week schedule.

It was clear during my assessment that I needed help and Zach was willing to take a risky client such as myself on. We’ve worked hard to get where I am today and all it took was persistence and constantly talking about how I feel and what hurts or doesn’t. Zach has an ability that I have not known anyone in this area to have. You can walk in to the gym and he’ll know right away just by watching you walk whether you’re in pain or having a good day. What I can’t and won’t forget, and hope this resonates with those who are willing to give the War Room a try is that I ALWAYS walk out of there feeling better than I walked in.

One on one personal training is expensive, regardless of where you go. I had to ask myself what was important when I walked in there for the first time. My answer was and continues to be the same; living without pain.

I no longer have a chronic lower back problem. We are currently working on what may have caused the lower back pain initially, which has reared its ugly head as a right hip issue. I’m certain that with Zach’s advisement and training, we can alleviate the hip pain and work to getting that much closer to living without any pain.

If you take anything from this ramble of mine, I hope it is this: What is important to you?

Patrick Masterson

I have been working with Zach since he first opened. My strength, flexibility, speed, agility and overall health has improved sense working with him. Zach knows how to push you past your comfort zone all while teaching proper form, and making each unique. I have worked with Zach to accomplish many different fitness achievements from running half marathons, completing 15+ miles obstacle course races and working on old gymnastic skills. He caters each program to your fitness needs and works with all fitness levels. It’s a wonderful family friendly environment. Zach is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and mechanics and he is able to assess and readjust your program as needed. I have worked through several injuries and came out stronger. Highly recommend Zach and the War Room!!!

Jana Lothrop

“The most weight I have ever lifted!”

No short cuts, just allot of hard work, good dieting, and giving up is not an option.
Some how between his long work hours, new baby and other life changes Colin used working out as a healthy stress reliever. He also inspired others around him to find ways in their crazy schedules to live healthier and fuller lives by making working out an important part of their day. Great Job Colin!! We are so proud of you!!


“I have been working out with Jared for the past two years. He is welcoming, encouraging, and never judgmental. With his help I have lost the last 10 lbs of baby weight, put on an awesome amount of lean muscle, and completely changed the way my body moves. I have never been stronger or felt better!”

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